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Studio Katia would love to see your artwork in a recognized magazine! For each project that meets the following criteria, we would be honored to offer a $25 store credit to our online store. 

     'Studio Katia' must be included in the supply list

      Once your project is published, please email a scan/photo of the published page(s) to  Be sure to include the following information in your email as well.

      Phone Number:
      Publication Name:
      Publication Issue:
      Publication Date:

      Digital Publications 
      We are also giving a $15 store credit for projects featured in digital media for the following publications (needs to be a unique project that was not also featured in the print edition) Digital projects need to meet the same criteria as above.

      Please allow up to 14 days for processing.

       Studio Katia reserves the right to amend this incentive program at any time and to deny any submission that does not meet the outlined requirements.